Apr 20, 2013

Sticky: Learn How To Turn A Girl On Using The Tao of Badass

turn a girl on


You want to turn a girl on, but could this be what girls are secretly thinking this about your approach?  If you’re using the same unoriginal and dull lines like most of the other guys, then it’s possible, I mean really possible.

Ever try to start a conversation with “Hey, what’s up?”, “Hey how are you?, “Yo, Hey” or “zup”, or something close?  Think about it, do those kind of starters make you feel good, great, excited to be hearing from that person?  Didn’t think so.  Neither does that hot chick you’re trying to impress.

But 1000’s of guys are discovering a brand new way of approaching girls that cuts through the awkwardness and immediately has them taking notice of you and seeing you as a prospective bed partner.

What is this fantastic new way of approaching girls? Well read on, because I tell you all about it and give you my review below. and if you’re the type of guy that can’t wait to read about it, then go ahead and click now on that banner on the right and go straight to video that gives you the low down on what chicks really want!———–>

Don’t wait till all the other guys have an unfair advantage over you, do it now.

Everything I’ve discovered is in the article below.

Joshua Pellicer turned his sex life completely around when he got fed up with being a wuss around girls.  Letting them walk all over him, trying to do everything possible to make his girlfriends happy and getting nothing but grief back for his efforts.  I bet that sounds familiar to a lot of you out there.

After he had finally reached rock bottom, broke up with his last girlfriend and was living out of his car, he decided he had enough and started going back thru some of his notes and textbooks from his college psychology courses.

He discovered some little used ideas and started practicing them with amazing results.  His new found success with girls started him on a quest to gain greater knowledge and he spent the next year soaking up all the information he could find and honing his techniques until he became almost ninja like in his ability make conquest after conquest.

His success became legendary and he has been interviewed on The Today Show, Current TV and by The New York Daily News and the New York Post among others.  He also launched the first satellite radio devoted to how guys can succeed with women on Sirius and XM radio.

He is currently offering to share his knowledge and techniques with any man who wants who wants to increase his success rate with women.


But why would he want to help you and me and others like us to learn how to turn a girl on?

Well of course there’s the money, but more than that he understands the pain of rejection and having been on the receiving end of that he wants to teach others how to overcome it.

Plus he knows that really good looking or rich guys have an unfair advantage over the rest of us normal guys.  I believe he takes secret pleasure in helping us out game those kind of guys.  I think he gets an ego boost when he sees an average guy use the techniques he’s taught him to beat out some obnoxious beach body hunk and win the girl.

And why wouldn’t he?  It seems that by using those techniques, average guys are able to level the playing field, even gain an advantage over those other guys.  Knowing the right thing to say, in the right way and at the right time appears to connect with girls at an emotional level that those other guys don’t even have a clue about.

Not only that, but having the knowledge and abilities of Josh Pellicer available to you at all times allows you to speak to girls in an easy and confident manner that can’t help but get you noticed.  No more awkward stammering, no more searching for and failing to find the right words in any situation.

Here’s what some guys who have already used the material have to say:

The results have been tremendous. Women and men are both more interactive with me, women smile and talk more to me. Men seem to respect me more and are much more cooperative to interactions than previously.

Thanks for all you do and the tremendous help you provide from the
question/message boards.”

Atlanta, GA

“I get so much more attention from women just by walking into a room. Its amazing. Your concepts are so detailed and easy to follow. Its not even like I’m putting on a display or being fake, body language has become natural in my life.”

Milan, Italy

“This knowledge has COMPLETELY changed my thoughts and solidified my self-confidence in conversation with women.”

Tuebingen, Germany

So it appears to be working near miracles for those guys, but can it do the same for you?

While I really believe it can help most guys to one degree or another, I think you have to go into this with realistic expectations.  Like any new skill it will take some patience and practice to perfect.  If you’re not the type of guy who’s willing to put a little effort into improving your abilities and techniques, this may not be the right program for you.

I also think you need to be able to start out small and build on your small victories to increase your confidence level and ability.  After all, no one in their right mind ever picks Mt Everest as their first mountain to climb.  So this does require some patience and a willingness to learn and adjust as you go.

Now if you are considering purchasing this program, here are some other things to consider.

First off, there’s the price. It’s $67. Now that may seem like a lot, but they also throw in about $1200 worth of free and valuable bonuses. And let’s face it, you can easily blow that much on one lousy date and end up with nothing to show for it, or maybe if you’re lucky a quick good night kiss.

At least with this, you’re getting the chance to make those dates a whole lot less lousy and to wake up the next morning with a lot more than a quick kiss or lukewarm handshake to remember it by.

Or you can continue using the same old boring approach and getting the same half-hearted replies or out right rejections.

Next thing to know is that if you’re already satisfied with your love life, don’t have any problem approaching the hot girls and striking up conversations with them, don’t believe you need any help in this area, then this isn’t for you.

If you think you’re too old, not old enough, not attractive enough, not rich enough, too bald,  perhaps even worried that you might not be “well endowed” enough to be able to attract really great looking women, then you really do need to go to the website and discover why none of this really matters to women. (read Small Penis, not a big problem here)

So in conclusion I believe that The Tao of Badass a great product that really can help most guys learn how to turn a girl on and connect with her easily and confidently.  Because of this and many other reasons I endorse it fully.

Click here to go to the vendor’s official website, and learn more and purchase this great product.

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