Apr 21, 2013

Sticky: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

How to tell if a girl likes you

Tips on how to tell if a girl likes you.

Don’t know how to tell if a girl likes you?  Are you confused by a girls actions?  Are they telling you she likes you or are they just meaningless gestures?

Well read on and I’ll give you some simple tips to to end the confusion and know if a girl likes you.

Most girls are constantly touching each other when they’re together with their girlfriends.  Many guys will also touch each other when they’re together, a slap on the back, high 5’s, mock punches to the shoulder, etc.  However males and females who are just friends rarely touch each other.

If a girl is ignoring this unwritten rule and ruffling your hair or lightly touching your hand or arm when she’s trying to get your attention, she could very well be trying to communicate to you that she’s interested in more than just mere friendship.

Another thing that happens is that she may “accidentally” bump into you as she is walking by.  Or she may position herself so that at times the movements of the crowd force the two of you unintentionally press together. This could very well be a sign of attraction.

To test this, try gently touching her on the arm or hand and check her reaction.  If she doesn’t draw back, it may mean she’s interested in taking your relationship to the next level.


Watch the pupils of her eyes when you first approach to talk to her.  If her pupils grow then it’s a sign of interest, perhaps even arousal.  This has even been proven to be true scientifically.


If she laughs at all your jokes, even the ones that aren’t particularly funny, it could be a sign that she is attracted to you.  Another related sign is that if when you’re speaking, she’s seems to be hanging on to every word and giving you her undivided attention then she is into you.

You keep running into her.

If she suddenly starts appearing at places where you normally hang out, but where you don’t usually see her, it may be a sign she’s trying to get you to notice her.  Try wandering over to where she’s at and striking up a conversation.  She may very well act as if she’s surprised to see you, but if she also appears glad you came over, it probably means she’s trying not to seem like some kind of stalker.

If you haven’t wandered over to speak to her yet, but it seems like every every time you move she’s in your line of sight, then she is probably intentionally positioning herself where she can be seen by you.  This might be accidental, but it’s much more likely she’s trying to get you to notice her.


The age old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach is as true today as it was many years ago.  If she brings you homemade treats like cupcakes or cookies it is absolutely a sign of interest.  It may also be true if she just simply invites you to join her at her table for lunch or cocktails anywhere food and beverages are being served.  It’s another age old tradition ingrained in us about bonding over food and drink.

Other women

How does she act when you’re around other women?  Does she appear to be a little jealous?  Perhaps she moves a little closer to you to make it appear to the other women that you might already be taken or to stake out her territory.  Keep an eye out for these subtle signs when other women are around. (You might also be interested by How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text)

Some warnings and related tips

Don’t ever appear needy. Ever.  No girl is attracted to neediness in a guy, or at least not the type of girls you should be pursuing.  She may be initially attracted to you, but if you start displaying signs of neediness or desperation you’ll kill off that attraction in an instant.

If a girl tells you point blank that she’s not interested in you then take her at her word and move on.  Nothing is more pathetic appearing than a guy trying to get a girl to like him when she’s absolutely not interested.  That only works in the movies.

On the flip side however, if a girl tells you she likes you, then go for it.  Don’t wait around for some other kind of confirmation or a sign from god or anything else. You have all the information you need to ask her out on a date.

Girls are really attracted by confidence, but cockiness can be a real turn-off for them.  You need to know the difference and act appropriately.

In the tip above where I told you to observe her reaction when other women are around you, you need to be careful not to intentionally try to make her jealous.  If she thinks you’re interested in someone else she may back off and not ever be interested in you again.  Don’t kill off the relationship before it ever begins.

Act and dress appropriately when you’re around her.  Make yourself someone she can be proud to be seen with.

You don’t need to see all of the signs above before making a move, 2 or 3 together should be more than enough to establish that the girl is interested enough in you that you can go ahead and make your intentions known to her.

Follow these guidelines and you will know for sure how to tell if a girl likes you.

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