Mar 27, 2013

Improve your Lovelife Forever – Learn How To Make A Girl Wet Thru Text

How to make a girl wet thru text


Let’s face it, even when she wants you, most girls don’t want to make it seem too easy.  She enjoys making you work a little (or a lot, sometimes) for the prize.  She wants to know that you think she’s worth it.  If she’s not sure yet if she wants you, then your work can be doubly difficult.

But there is one surefire technique that can, if done right, get the girl wet and turned thru just a few texts.

The beauty about this technique is that it usually works even better thru texting than it does face to face.  Why?  I believe it’s because you’re both in your own surroundings, safe and relaxed, which leads her to be even more open and less guarded than when she’s actually with someone.

For you it’s a safe way to be blatantly sexual and yet still be able to laugh it off and claim you were only joking around  if things go wrong or she starts to feel uncomfortable.  When you’re there in person that’s harder to do and you can completely blow any chance you have with her.


Really, it’s just a series of simple questions that are an easy and nearly foolproof way to turn a girl on without being right there with her.  Once you both realize how turned on you get thru text messaging, the next step of repeating it face to face in person is the most logical and almost inevitable outcome.


First, and this should seem obvious, is to make sure she’s alone.  It’ll be impossible to use this technique if she’s hanging out with her friends or family.  So find out if she’s alone.  You might ask a couple of questions to help determine this and then just come right out and ask her if she’s alone.  The best time to do this is at a time when you think she’s probably at home and maybe even in bed.

Next you need to find out what she’s doing.  Just ask her.  If she’s really busy at something, she may not be receptive right then.  If you think this might be the case ask her if she’s busy and if it would be better if you text her later.  Maybe she’ll be glad to take a break from whatever she’s doing, or maybe it’d be better to try later.  The main point is you want her to be open and receptive to you and not be distracted.  Timing is critically important here.

The absolute best time to use this technique is when she’s alone and bored and going to give you her complete attention.  If that’s the case, now is the time to be a bit bolder and say something like how you wish you could be there with her.


Ask her what she’s wearing.  If she’s ready for bed or all ready in bed, she might be in her nighty or lingerie.  If so, that’s great.  You can ask her to describe it to you, ask what color it is, etc.  You can comment about how sexy she must look in it.

Now ask what clothes make her feel sexiest when she’s wearing them.  Get her describe how she feels when wearing them.  Compliment her along the way, telling her how great she must look in those clothes, how all the guys must get really turned on by her, how turned on you would be.

Ask what she thinks looks sexier on a guy, boxers or briefs.  No matter she answers, tell her that’s what you’re wearing right now.  Get her to mentally start picturing your package.

Take this one step further and ask her if she thinks your body would look better shaved or left natural.  Now she’s not only thinking about your package, she’s thinking about you being entirely naked.

Ask her if she had superman’s x-ray vision, where would she look on a man’s body.  Make it so she’s the one being naughty and talking dirty to you instead of the other way around.


Ask her if she ever makes out with a guy just because she horny.  Find out if she’s the type that might have sex with a guy just because she’s in the mood right then.

Ask her what her secret move to turn a guy on is.  Ask her how good she thinks she is at turning a guy on.  Lead her to start talking about how good she thinks she is at getting guys all hot and bothered.

Now start asking about her.  Ask her if there’s one spot on her body, that if a guy touches her there it turns her on instantly.  Ask her if massages turn her on, make her wet.  Then tell her how good you are at giving massages.

Ask her if she likes receiving oral, if she says yes, tell her much you like giving it.  Ask her if she likes giving oral, again if she says yes, tell how much you love receiving it.

Ask her what’s the quickest way for a guy to make her wet.  Get her to describe in detail how he should do it and how it makes her feel when he’s doing it.

Ask her that if you were there in person, whispering all this in her ear instead of texting would she be turned on and wet?  Truth is if you’re at this point, she probably already is turned on and wet, but having her text that to you is almost getting her to invite you to do that and to make her want you to.

Ask her if she would like it if somebody would come over to her place and start making out with her right now.

If the answer is yes, you better be burning rubber getting to her place.  If not, then keep going with the conversation, expand more on the sexual questions, ask her to describe how it feels when a guy touches her secret spot.  Keep this going for a few minutes, then tell her you want to come over and make out with her.

If for some reason she can’t or won’t let you come over right then, then tell her you want to make out with her over the phone.

Ask her to imagine where she wants you to touch her.  Ask her where she wants you to put your tongue.  Ask her to imagine and describe how that’s making her feel.  Tell her what you want her to do to you and tell her how turned on she’s making you.

Tell her to touch herself in all her favorite spots and imagine it’s you. Have her describe it to you.  Finally, try to get her to bring herself to climax.

Now you’re armed with all the information you need to know about how to excite her, get her wet and make her climax.  You may or may not have to play this game another time or two to actually get her in bed, but you’re definitely almost there.  (you might also like to read about how to flirt with a girl over text)


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