Mar 27, 2013

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text and Turn Her On Fast

How to flirt with a girl over text

Want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text?

While some guys are especially artful with their ability to flirt with the opposite sex, flirting really is just a skill that anyone can learn and like any other skill you need a plan and some practice to perfect it.  You need to know what to say.  You need to know when to say it and perhaps even more importantly when not to say it.

You need to know how to move smoothly from fun and friendly to flirty and sexy all the way to naughty and down right dirty.  And timing can mean the difference between success and outright rejection.

Here’s one simple strategy that you can begin practicing right away to help change your fledgling  flirting ability into a dazzling work of art.


It’s important that you set the stage for both of you, especially in the very beginning.

What does this mean? 

Well, you want her to be alone when the two of you text so she can concentrate on you.  This will take some practice and patience on your part, but by texting her at different times over a few days, you can learn her schedule and discover the times when she is alone and more open and receptive to your texts.

You want her to look forward to and welcome your texts.  You don’t want her to resent them as interfering with her other activities.  Once you’ve moved on to the next level, she’ll be more open to receiving your texts anytime, but for now you want to limit them to times when you know she’ll free and available to talk

Special note here:  If she works, never text her at work in the early stages.  Many employers have strict rules and policies about texting on the job. You don’t want to do anything that makes her fearful or nervous about receiving your texts. Doing that can cause those same feelings to carry over to other times and get you shut down pretty quick. Also, she may feel that you’re only thinking about yourself and not really concerned about her.

Setting the stage for yourself means that once you’ve narrowed down her schedule you’ll want to put yourself in the right place and frame of mind to be able to respond to her texts. You don’t want to be distracted and miss any of the subtle clues she may send you.

During the period when you’re trying to figure out her schedule you’ll probably have to send a few texts during times when you’re involved with other things, but once you discover the best time slot for texting her, make sure you’re alone and able to concentrate on every word she says.

There’s going to be a lot of unspoken sub-text going on and if you’re able to recognize and respond immediately to what she isn’t saying as well as to what she is saying, you’ll be well on your way to a conquest.

One of the best strategies ever is to go to your bedroom, turn the lights down low or even off, lie down on your bed and imagine her lying there beside you as you text her.  Picture her lying there responding to your words, imagine how that would feel. This will put you in a good mood and help eliminate all outside distractions.


Let’s begin this part by establishing the things never to say.  Stay completely away from any negativity or anything that she might interpret as being negative.  This includes things like:

Her- How you doing?  You-I’m bored.

Great response, say it enough and not only will you sound bored but also sound dull and boring to be around. Maybe right at that moment you are bored out of your freaking mind, but don’t tell her that. Say something like, “I couldn’t be any better now that I’m talking to you”.

You get the point. Say something in your own style and in your own words that doesn’t make you sound like some kind of wet blanket and says that you’re glad she’s there.

Her- What are you doing?  You- Nothing special.

Again, you come off as dull and boring. Not only that, but since this is a response to her text, you’re suggesting that talking to her is also nothing special. You just slammed the door in your own face.

How about something like, “Just chillin, waiting for a text from the most beautiful girl in the world. Have you seen her?” Something like this can be fun and funny. It’s also a test. You’re qualifying her.

Does she have a sense of humor? Can she be playful? Her response to something like this can help you decide whether to want to continue with her or check her off the list and move on to someone else.

Alright, now on to the things you want to say.

First off, keep your texts short and simple.  At this point you don’t want her to get bored waiting for you to finish typing a long text. You also want to keep her attention on you and your texts. Don’t let her get distracted by something else going on around her.

Show an interest in her and her daily life.  Ask her questions about what’s going on with her. This shows that you care about her and will help her to relax and be more open with you.

Be flirty when you get the chance, but don’t flirt all the time. If you try to flirt all the time, you’re going to lose her interest. You’ll become just another one of “those guys”.

It’s alright sometimes be a little naughty and suggestive. Tell her you just got out of the shower, ask her if she wants to come over and help towel you off. Make her think about and picture you being naked. Getting her to think about that while texting will cause her to think about seeing you naked at other times, which will lead to her to thinking sexual thoughts about you.

Find out her favorite things. Then later when you’re texting, you can tell her you just heard her favorite song, or that you saw her favorite movie was going to be on TV. Things like that will tell her that you’re tuned into her. Women love that.

Tell her your favorite things too. That way if she hears your favorite song playing somewhere or sees something she knows you like, she’ll automatically think of you. You want her to feel a connection with you even when you’re not around.

Finally, never end the conversation or say good-bye without telling her something to make her feel special. Compliment her, let her know how attractive she is or tell her how good talking to her makes you feel. Say something that makes her last memory about every conversation with you be about how special you make her feel.

Remember and practice these ideas when texting a girl and you’ll soon be a flirting genius.

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