About Me


Hi, my name is Jackson and I’ve created this website to finally share with everyone all the great stuff I’ve learned and accomplished with The Tao of Badass.

Not all that many people have heard of The Tao of Badass and the ones who have might think it’s just some gimmicky thing that guys who can’t get a date might buy to help them become less of a loser.

It’s true that its main focus is on how to attract and pick-up girls, but by using the lessons taught not only can I now attract all kinds of hot girls, but I’ve also gained the respect of other men and I’m using the confidence I’ve gained to create the kind of life everyone wants to live.

You see, all the way thru college I was this really skinny guy who was a little bit of a geek. I didn’t have any problem getting dates, but the hot chicks, the ones I really wanted to go out with were just out of my league. Most of them barely even noticed me and the ones that did just thought of me as a friend. Try as hard as I could I was never able to get any closer than the dreaded “friend zone” with any of them.

My biggest down moment came shortly after the start of my Junior year in college. It was a Friday night and I was at a party. There was a girl there, Lauren, who I had the biggest crush on. She was pretty, hot and smart, just my type. Not the type I was usually able to date, but the type I wanted to date.

I’d had a few beers by now and with some alcohol fueled courage I finally was able to go over to her and strike up a conversation. She seemed kind of receptive to me and I decided to ask her out. There was a little pizza place just a couple of blocks off campus and every Wednesday night they had a pizza buffet and cheap pitchers of beer.

So I asked her if she’d like to go with me for pizza and beer next Wednesday. She hesitated for a moment and then said, “I don’t know, maybe.” “Why don’t you ask Chad if he’d like to go with us.”

Chad was a good buddy of mine. We had been roommates our first year and then he moved into a frat house the second year and I moved into an apartment off campus with some other guys, but we stayed really good friends and hung out together a lot. In fact this party we were at was at his frat house and he had invited me.

Chad was a really cool guy, into all sorts of sports, had the kind of body that girls drooled over, but wasn’t conceited or stuck up or anything. Like I said we were really good friends and I loved the guy but sometimes I really hated him too. Not that he tried or anything, but when I was with him it was impossible for me to get a girl’s attention. They all just sort of buzzed around him, I might as well have just been another piece of furniture in the room as far as they were concerned.

So when Lauren told me to invite Chad along I knew I had no hope. I told her that I already knew he was busy next Wednesday and she said, “Oh, okay, well I probably should study that night anyway, maybe some other time.” I said sure and slunk away.

Suddenly the music was too jarring, the lights too bright, the crowd too noisy and the beer tasted flat. I had to get out of there. I didn’t even try to find Chad to say good-bye or thank for the invite. Knowing him he probably was already upstairs banging away with some chick anyway.

So I headed back to my apartment, ignored the other guys playing some game in the living room and went upstairs to my bedroom so I could be all alone and feel sorry for myself.

I went to my desk and signed online on my computer and just sort of mindlessly surfed the web. I don’t even know what I was looking for or what I typed into the search bar, but eventually I was on some dating or relationship site or something like that. Suddenly an ad for “The Tao of Badass” popped up on my screen.

Now normally I ignore that kind of shit and I’ll never know why but for some reason I clicked on the ad. At first as I was watching and listening to the video I was like, “Yeah, right, who’s gonna believe this kind of shit?” “What a load of bullshit…fuck you!!!” I didn’t want to believe anything it was telling me but I couldn’t stop watching it either.

Finally at some point something got my attention, don’t remember what it was, but I shut up and started paying attention. I watched all the way to the end. Then I watched it again. I didn’t buy it, but I thought about it.

I shut off my computer and went downstairs, got a beer out of the fridge and watched the guys playing some game, but my mind was on the video I had just watched. I drank another beer then grabbed another one and took upstairs to my room with me.

I couldn’t get that video out of my mind so I got back on the computer, navigated back to the site and watched it again for the 3rd time. I was ready to buy now. But even though it doesn’t really cost all that much, $67 I think, that was a fortune to a broke college student.

I worked part-time for some extra money and the place I worked for had quit handing out actual paychecks. You either had to have your check direct deposited into your checking account, which I didn’t have, or they loaded your money onto a pre-paid debit card which is what I had.

I went to the website to see how much money I had on my card and after figuring out how much I absolutely had to have for the next 2 weeks and deciding what I could do without I had just enough left over to pay for the course.

Thank god I had a few beers because normally I would never have spent that much money on something like that. Even with the beer in me I’m not ashamed to say my fingers were shaking a little as I got ready to click the pay button.

So what, instant fame, success and glory? Well not exactly. I got the course, studied all the material, watched all the videos and it all sounded good and made sense but had a hard time believing any of this would or could work. I would practice everything it said to do while all alone up in my room, but when it came to actually trying it out in real life with a real girl, well I just couldn’t work up the nerve.

Then finally the break through came. I was at another party with a couple of beers in me when I saw a girl that I actually graded as semi-hot. Still out of my league but not by much. I kept running all the stuff I had been learning through my head, worked up the courage and went over and started talking to her. At first she seemed surprised that I was talking to her, then she seemed to be listening to me, then she seemed interested and when I asked her out, she said yes!

We chatted a bit more, I got her number and told her I would text her the details and I practically soared like superman out of the room and ran all the way back to my apartment. I could hardly sleep that night.

We had our date and a couple of more and everything was great. It gave me the confidence and courage to try again and again and I started having success. And with each success came more success. I dated more girls the rest of that year than I had in my entire life. Girls that before wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence were smiling and saying hello to me. It was just incredible.

The very best thing happened the next year when I was a Senior. I was at the student union and there were a few other people hanging out there. My friend Chad came up to me and said that he and Lauren were going out to grab a bite to eat and that Lauren told him to ask me to come along. Of course my mind immediately flashed back to that night at the frat party when I had asked Lauren out.

I just smiled and told him thanks but I still had a couple of things I needed to get done and they should go ahead without me. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I think he looked relieved when I said no.

This is already too long, but I can’t leave without telling you what’s going on in my life now.

I finished school, got a job, hated it.

Without “The Tao of Badass” I probably would still be working there and hating it and my life. But the confidence I had gained those last couple of years in school gave me the courage to start up a small line of internet businesses that allowed me to quit my job. I’m not rich and famous or anything but I have enough income to support myself pretty well and I’m working hard at increasing my income so that in a few years I can retire while I’m still young and enjoy life to the fullest. I still have an active dating life and a great sex life. Way beyond my wildest dreams.

What about you? You don’t need to settle anymore for average or even less than average. Get the Tao of Badass and take your life from mediocre to incredible like I did. The choice is yours to make. I hope you have the courage to change like I did.


Wishing you all the best,