Jun 28, 2013

10 Tips To What Turns A Girl On

What Turns A Girl On

What Turns A Girl On

Talking to girls can be tough, especially when you do not know what to do. Just guessing and stumbling around can turn a girl off quickly. Try these tips to help turn a girl on.

1.  Show that you are confident.  When I say be confident I do not mean be cocky.  There is a big difference between being cocky and being confident.  Being cocky is a huge turn off for most girls so try to avoid it.  Instead show confidence in the way you hold yourself.  Look her right in the eye instead of dropping your gaze.  Also, a nice smile never hurt anyone when trying to get a girl.

2.  Dress with confidence.  No one likes to see your boxers and that includes girls.  Dress like you have a drop of confidence.  Try pants that are not too loose and comfortably fit your hips.  If you do happen to be a bit overweight a fitting black shirt can be a man’s best friend.

3.  Give the girl compliments.  Every girls likes to be complimented, no matter what they say.  So, tell her that she is pretty or that you like the color of her hair.  You should share whatever you like about her the most.  Do not leave compliments solely in the physical category.  Compliment her personality, sense of style, or great ability to pick out movies.

4.   Treat the girl with respect.  Treat the girl you are trying to turn on with respect.  Do not grab at her butt in public or say crude things.  Those types of actions are better left to the bedroom.  Plus, not showing a woman respect in public can be a major turn off.

5.  Get a sense of humor.  Girls love guys who make them laugh.  So, work on trying to extract humor from your life.  It is good to note that while girls like humor they typically are not fond of sarcasm.  Try to curb your sarcastic funny bone until you are sure that it will not dampen the mood.
6.  Touch her in small yet meaningful ways.  Touching her waist or holding her hand can assure the girl that you are paying attention to her.  Some experts believe that this is a type of body language as well.  Allowing a male to touch her stomach or waist symbolizes that she will let you kiss her.

7.  Learn how to read her body language.  Body language can be a major communication factor, especially when the couple have just met.  Learn how to tell when girls get upset.  Typically, they will cross their arms and perhaps shake their one of their legs.  When they are feeling “in the mood” she may gently touch your chest or stomach. She may even give you a furtive glance and bite her lip.

8.  Do not be clingy.  Women love to spend time with their guy, but they have lives too.  Being clingy in any type of relationship or friendship could be dangerous.  A man that is overly clingy is not attractive and typically turns girls off.  Try to give the girl her space.  You will appear cooler and more stable than a clingy guy.

9.  Offer a shoulder to cry on.  Be there for her emotionally.  There are times when we all need to vent or tell someone about our day.  Try to offer a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.  If the situation calls for it, try offering some advice to help her.  Try not to force your advice on her. If she does not want it, it will be okay.

10.  When the time does come, try to set the mood.   Having a week’s worth of old, smelly pizza boxes scattered about your messy apartment is not what most women have in mind when they think about a romantic encounter.  Before your big moment, try cleaning the place up.  Add some fragrant candles and put on some tunes to get the both of you in the mood.  Adding a little ambiance to your surroundings will be the difference between a good night and a great night.

Turning a girl on does not have to be hard.  The most important tip in the list is to be confident.  Confidence shows not only girls but the world that you like yourself for who you are.  Once everyone sees you in that mind-frame, you will attract girls to you.

Follow these tips to get the girl you want.

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